Matthew & Samantha Kimpton-Smith

We are a British couple, who have just celebrated our 30th wedding anniversary. We have been blessed with four children and live in Cheshire, UK. We met in the early 1990s in London, after Matthew had completed an Alpha course, that his best mate invited him on, with the promise of ‘pretty women’ and ‘food’, an invitation not to be turned down by a man who’s just finished university and started working life in London. Matthew accepted Jesus into his life and started worshiping at Holy Trinity Brompton, where he met Sam (Samantha), who the Lord told him was the ‘girl for him’.

In 2016, whilst out cycling with the Frodsham Wheelers, Matthew had a cardiac arrest and is 100% convinced that the Lord saved him for a reason. The story of the incident and the seven years since, with the long recovery journey from the subsequent brain injury, are told in Matthew’s book, ‘Second Chance’.

We believe that God has a unique plan and purpose for every individual that has, is and will live on the earth. We’re given the freedom to choose whether we try and follow God’s plan or live our own way. We’re clear that personally we want to try and follow God’s plan for us and to encourage other people to make the most of all that life has to offer, whether they believe that’s following the Lord Jesus Christ or living their own way. We are passionate about encouraging and helping each other to be the best we can each be and make the most of every opportunity that each one of us gets.

Matthew’s published book

Second Chance

Matthew Kimpton-Smith

Making the most of all life has to offer.
Would you like to make the most of every moment of your life? Every day is exciting, life is amazing, but the possibility of dying unexpectedly poses big questions. After a cardiac arrest whilst cycling, a lengthy recovery from brain injury and being forced to stop, Matthew explores the opportunities and challenges of both life and death.

“Second Chance gives us a fantastic lesson in how to live life to the full and make the most of every day.”
Katie Derham, BBC Radio 3 Presenter

“This is an extraordinary story, a fascinating account of Matthew’s recovery from a near-death experience and the different perspective and insights this has given.”
Nicky Gumbel, Pioneer of Alpha

“We can all learn an enormous amount from this extraordinary personal story.”
Jon Ridgeon, CEO World Athletics